is a Company Group, was established in February 2012. Engaged in Procurement, Distributors, Manufacturing medical equipment, Infrastructure and Hospital supporting devices located in Indonesia. Our Development always guided by The Vision and The Mission that helped the company to stay Focused in eliciting success achievement. The Vision and Missions helps the company to always be able to achieve the idealism, and reminds all of the managment and the employers that we were work together and had the same purpose. That would be a contribution for reaching the long-term Success Company.

On the following below are The Companies owned by SMI GROUP:

PT. Sarana Multikarya Indonesia (Procurement, Manufacture & Distributor of Medical Devices)

PT. Sentra Media Inti (Procurement, Manufacture & Distributor of Incinerator, Reverse Osmosis, and Waste Water Treatment Plant)

PT. Sentra Medika Intitama (Procurement, Distributor of Medical Devices)

PT. Sentra Multikarya Infrastruktur (Procurement, Infrastructure Sector)


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PT. Sentra Media Inti began to delveloping their wings in the field of process tools and waste management. Was founded by several experienced experts in the field of Waste Water Treatment Management and Process Tools who had an aspire to build a manufacturing company of Incinerator, Filter Press, Installation Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), Reverse Osmosis and Tools process / other waste processors.

Sentra Media Inti's operational development always based on the missons and visions that help the company to stay focused in commitment to reaching success achievement. The Mission and Vision always remind all of employee and Management that we work with the same goals and what we work for is the journey to reaching a success, that will be a contribution and asset for long-term success company. 

With the "Tailor Made" production system, it is possible to us to handle many character of costumers, amount and types of waste variety, design and size, all can be adapted to costumer's needed.


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 Analysis of Tool's Work Process

The main objective of the analysis is the fullfillment of costumers needs. All of the users requirements defined in detail. With many of waste handling project experience, analysis process of costumer needs performed systematically in order to obtain optimum solution.


The production process of waste treatment equipments conducted by a reliable fabrication engineers team. Interaction and Communication between the team and user will optimize tools to fit user needs


Workplace training method will ensure the user to understanding system's run with perfect. So that the user can understand tool's work process and to understand of the tool's operation.

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