PT. Sarana Multikarya Indonesia was established in February 2012. Engaged in Procurement, Medical Devices Distributor/Sole Agent, Infrastructure and Hospital supporting devices located in Indonesia. Our Development always guided by The Vision and The Mission that helped the company to stay Focused in eliciting success achievement. The Vision and Missions helps the company to always be able to achieve the idealism, and reminds all of the managment and the employers that we were work together and had the same purpose. That would be a contribution for reaching the long-term Success Company.


We are always guided by the vision and mission to develop our company and to achieve our success target. 

Company Vision

To become a long-lived Companies

To keep continuesly growing as well as sustainable by giving sense of safety, Trust, and Provide a better satisfaction to the Investors and Costumers.

Company Mission

To provide costumer's satisfaction with an excellent Solution, fast performance, optimum work target achievement, and the best quality. 

  • Integrity
  • Service Excellence
  • Trust
  • Partnerships
  • Innovation

Our Companies are managed in many sector of Experience, and intended for many Bussines network. Therefore, we are looking forward for all those prospective projects and clients who wants to create a relation and cooperation.

  • Doctors
  • Clinics
  • Hospitals (Private and Government)
  • Optical Shops
  • Companies
  • Agencies & Governments


SMI's Management